Sponge Painting In Bathrooms - Beautify Your Bathroom Easily.

There's no reason for your bathroom to be the ugliest room in the house – though often times this room is ignored when it comes to the more entertaining types of home decorating. While there is often a lot of attention paid to the fixtures that will be in that room, most people overlook the most important part of any interior decorating scheme – the walls!

Although it is sometimes possible to put up pictures or murals in a bathroom, most bathrooms do not have lots of wallspace to do so – usually the walls are blocked by bathroom fixtures. Therefore, if you want to make the walls in your bathroom look far more interesting, you should think about different painting techniques instead. Sponge painting your bathroom is one way that you can add color and texture to the walls without doing too much extra work, or spending a lot of money on different types of wall stencils.

Bathroom Sponge Painting

Sponge painting in bathrooms can be a little more difficult in other rooms of the house if you are just remodeling. Of course, it is easy to paint walls if you have just built the bathroom and have not put in the furniture yet. However, once you have your bathroom fixtures in place, it is a little more difficult to paint in there without ripping everything apart again.

Therefore, make sure that you are planning on keeping the bathroom free for a few days when you decide to paint it, and you should make sure that you have plenty of tape and drop cloths so that you can avoid getting paint on any of your bathroom fixtures. After all, it’s not possible to just take the toilet out for a few days while you paint!

You should also make sure that nobody takes a shower or runs a lot of hot water in the bathroom for at least a day before you start painting. If the walls are at all damp, that will make it harder for you to paint the base coat on – which can ruin your paint job in the end.

Getting Started

After the walls are clean and dry, you can start. First, put down a base coat of paint. For most people, the best choice of a base color for the bathroom is a white, neutral off-white, or light blue color. Depending on your personal preferences, however, it could really be any type of color, just so long as the base coat is lighter than the paint you are going to be sponging on afterward.

Wait until the base coat is dry, and then apply your second coat of paint. While many people think that the best way to sponge paint is to apply the second coat of paint with a sponge, that is not necessarily true. The easiest way is just to use a paint roller for that second coat of paint. Then, you will get the sponge effect by using the sponge to soak up the paint from different areas. This way, you will unevenly lift up the second coat of paint to show the base coat.

Once you’ve finished the bathroom, you should try this effect in other rooms of the house as well!