How To Paint On Canvas For Wall Art - just start painting!

If you want to make wall art that can be easily moved and taken down, then you should look into painting on something other than directly onto the wall. After all, if you decide to move, or that you want to change your wall art, you'll need to repaint the entire wall with a basic coat of white paint (or whatever color you want the room to be painted).

How To Paint Wall Art

If you're wondering how to paint on canvas for wall art, well, it's simple. All you have to do is decide what type of design you want to use, and which colors you like for the room you're in, and get to work. This is a great rainy day activity, especially if you enjoy doing small home projects.

While some people use oil paint on canvas, that is definitely not recommended for wall paintings. Unless you're trying to make a fine art painting, there's really no reason to go through the trouble of using oil paints. After all, since they are not water soluble, you'll have to use turpentine to clean your brushes when you're done.

Acrylic paint, while it will not wash out of everything, is much easier to work with and goes fine on canvas.

While you can paint directly onto the canvas, sometimes it is a good idea to put a base coat down first. You can either paint with white, or whatever background color you would like to use. This base coat will help even out the canvas for you to paint on it - and will help the paint stick to the canvas better.

Get Painting

Next, just paint! The best wall art will be the pictures that you make for yourself, therefore, you might find it best to just paint whatever comes to mind. Don't worry about wasting canvas - if you decide that you don't like the picture you've painted, all you have to do is put down another coat of white paint on the canvas and you're ready to start over.

The hardest part of how to paint on canvas for wall art should be deciding where you want to hang your painting when it is finished!