Checkerboard Patterns

A Painting Makeover: Renovate with Paint

Are you looking for way to upgrade, remodel, or give your home a complete makeover on a budget? A little paint goes a long way to transform the look of any room. Not only is painting a less expensive alternative to rebuilding or wallpapering, but it is a do-it-yourself project which makes a room look lighter and brighter and increases the value of your home.

Painting Patterns

In the realm of homeownership and modern interior design, the focus is on combining high function with high fashion to maximize comfort and improve marketability. More than ever, homeowners are scrutinizing every detail in their home, looking for affordable yet creative and modish ways to embellish, update, and improve the visual appeal of their property. If you're looking for winning idea, applying a fresh coat of paint in innovative designs and patterns is a home design trick that is sure to pay off. A particularly popular and versatile pattern is the classic black-and-white checkerboard pattern.

Kitchen Checkerboard

The diamond checkerboard pattern is back in style in kitchens everywhere! Since kitchen upgrades are the most significant in terms of increasing home resale value, painting the kitchen is a great place to begin your home improvements (potentially saving you thousands of dollars on a costly remodel). You can paint a checkerboard pattern on the kitchen walls or kitchen floor, but the most conspicuous area of the kitchen and the most popular place for renovation is the backsplash. Painting a kitchen checkerboard backsplash is very much in vogue these days. As you paint, alternate the light and dark shades and keep in mind that a larger checkerboard will save you time and work and will make the room seem less busy.

Bedroom Checkerboard

When it comes to decorating a kids' bedroom, teenage bedroom, or master bedroom, it's not the furniture but all the little "extras" which make the difference. A bedroom's paint color sets the tone for the living space, as creative color schemes or painted designs serve as the focal point of the room or as eye-catching, eye-popping, and eye-pleasing accents. A great place to paint a bedroom checkerboard pattern is at the head of the bed, creating an instant and attractive headboard, or overtop of a desk or activity table. You can even paint the inside backs of a bookcase or entertainment center with a checkerboard design, adding some adhesive-backed accent lights to highlight your work of art in the evening hours.

Checkerboard Floors

Instead of tiling your floors, consider painting a checkerboard pattern for a crowd-pleasing and classy decorative effect. Whether you have old wooden floors that need an infusion of life, or whether you want to beautify your inexpensive but drab concrete floors without blowing your budget, painting a checkerboard floor will do the trick. Great for the family room or rec room (where kids can actually play games on the checkerboard design), the bathroom (where black and white is in high fashion), or the master bedroom (where the light/dark, black/white checkerboard variation nicely compliments current metallic trends in modern bedroom décor), a few hours of painting can give you the modern makeover of your dreams.

Checkerboard Porch

Don't forget that exterior home painting can equally enhance the look and value of your home! In fact, it is the small details that count, such as adding a fresh coat of paint to the house number, fence, shutters, mailbox, planters, outdoor furniture, and the porch. The porch is an often overlooked opportunity to enhance the curb appeal of your property and to incorporate a decorative touch which welcomes visitors to your home. The checkerboard porch has a timeless appeal, and if you mix a handful of fine granular sand into the paint, you can create a safe surface which prevents slipping.

So say "checkmate" to your competition as your home's décor goes straight the top of the fashion charts with its featured painted checkerboard patterns!