Create Instant Curb Appeal

Careful application of paint can make a house look better from the outside. This is called creating curb appeal and it's a great concern to anyone wanting to sell their home and who wants to make their house look great to anyone driving by. But you don't need to be selling your house to create curb appeal. You can do it for yourself to make your home and neighborhood look better, and you can do it easily by making the right paint choices.

The Domineering Garage

So many modern or newer homes have a massive garage attached to the home. It's the first thing anyone sees when they drive past the home. The convenience of a large attached garage is undeniable, but unfortunately it doesn't make the home look that great.

You can't make the garage disappear entirely, but you can use paint to make it less dominating. Paint the garage doors the same color as your house. If this is too bland for you, try a slightly darker or slightly lighter variant of your house color. Then paint your front door and any exterior accents on the other side of your house in strong colors to direct the eye away from the garage.

Make Windows Look Bigger

The appearance of large windows makes any house look more inviting. If you have smaller windows, most times it isn't practical to cut new window holes and install bigger ones. But you can provide the illusion that the windows are bigger than they are by painting them with a light trim color that will contrast with the main color of the house. A shade of white is often a good option. Often whites with yellow undertones create a feeling of warmth as well.

Change the House Size

You can't, of course, use paint to change the actual size of a house. But you can make it look smaller or bigger depending on your exterior paint choices. As with interior painting, choosing exterior colors that are lighter will make a home feel bigger and darker colors tend to make a home appear smaller.

Two-tone colors can help a house feel more solid and grounded. A darker shade on the bottom provides that feeling of solidity while a lighter shade on the top adds a sense of lightness.

Add a Touch of Whimsy

Adding a touch of whimsy to the exterior of your home doesn't have to involve garden gnomes and the like. Simply painting certain parts of your home's façade in an accent color can add visual interest to the way it looks. If you choose an accent color with a mixed hue, the color will change slightly throughout the day to make your home more visually intriguing. Try painting doors, patio furniture, shutters and flower boxes in a hue of your chosen accent color.