How Faux Paint Finishes Dress Up Your Room

Faux paint finishes can add a bit of whimsy to any room. These projects can be large murals that cover an entire wall or small sized decorative touches that can be finished in one day. To get ideas for projects, take a look around a room that needs a touch of color. If you don't have a shelf, create a faux shelf using the decorative painting technique called trompe l' oeil. Murals of cats in full size could be added over a door or on your faux shelf.

Ways To Use A Faux Paint Finish

If decorative murals are not your idea of fun, you can use other faux paint finishes to dress up a room. Sponging and ragging are quick finishes that can add a lot of life to your walls. For these techniques, you apply a base coat in a dark color to the walls and then sponge or rag a second, lighter color to the walls until you are satisfied with the look.

Another fun finish for your walls is a faux wood wall. For a faux wood decorative finish, paint the walls in a brown shade that is close to the shade of wood you want to mimic. Then, use a graining tool and a darker paint color to make a realistic wood finish on your walls. If you don't like the idea of a faux wood room, you can create a decorative stone wall just as easily.

First, choose a base color that is dark gray and paint the entire room. This dark gray color will be the mortar color. Next, choose a lighter gray color for your stones. For a professional look, don't make all of the stones in this project the same size and shape. Once all of your stones are in place, use the darker gray color to spatter a bit of color on the stones for a dimensional effect.

Finally, if you need more help, look at our other online articles for more ideas for creating professional projects. If you still need help, look for online classes for decorative arts. These classes will allow you to learn more about faux painting techniques in the privacy of your home. Click here for more information on faux painting techniques.