Faux Painting Tips and Ideas

Have you always wanted a window at the end of a hall? Do you wish that there was an interesting architectural element against a plain wall? These are examples of what you can do with faux painting. This type of faux painting, which is traditionally called trompe l’ oeil, can really change the way even the blandest room looks. Trompe l’ oeil literally means ‘fool the eye’ in French.

Stencils And Faux Painting

While many artists make a business creating amazing examples of faux painting, this decorative art is something that even the most inexperienced person can complete by following these simple tips. First, instead of trying to recreate the murals you want to have in your home by drawing them freehand, use stencils. A stencil of an intricate iron gate or a clay pot will help you quickly create the background for a faux painting. Just stencil the image onto the wall using a base color. Then, use shading, sponging and other techniques to help you give the stencils depth and realism. faux flowers.

Faux Marble Or Faux Suede

However, if you do not want to attempt a mural, you can dress up your walls or furniture with other examples of faux painting. Have you ever wished you had a marble wall or a marble topped table? You can easily create a work of art with just a few simple materials. First, choose a base coat of tan, green, or pink colors. Then, pick two shades of tan for your marble veins. Use the feather to drag veins of marble over your base coat until you have a realistic looking finish. Be careful to drag all of the veins in the same direction so that they mimic real marble. If marble isn’t your style, you can quickly create a faux suede effect using pre-made suede paints available at your local paint store.

Finally, no matter what type of faux art you want to create, take a look at real life examples before you pick up the paintbrush. Refreshing your memory before you begin will help you come up with ideas and techniques you might have overlooked.

Before you get started, pick up some great tips on choosing paint colors for your faux painting project.