How To Create Faux Wall Finishes

Faux wall finishes are an easy way to give your walls a custom look without going to the expense of hiring an artist to create murals. There are many decorative techniques you can use to create a unique effect. Some fun decorative techniques are metallic effects and glazing.

Materials Needed

If you are interested in creating faux finishes for your walls, you will need a few basic materials. For a metallic finish, simply buy a premixed metallic paint and a roller. Roll the paint onto your walls. To create a more unique effect, first paint a satin or semi gloss base coat in the same shade of paint on the entire room. Then, draw stripes on the wall. Paint alternating stripes with the metallic paint to create a fun faux effect. If this technique isn't adventurous enough for you, draw different geometric shapes on the wall and then fill them in with the metallic paint. If you really want a custom room, create a mural of a car or other metal object on one wall. Then paint your murals with the metallic paint for a realistic faux finish.


Glazing is another one of the faux wall finishes that needs few materials. To apply glaze to the walls, you will need to first apply a base coat in the same shade. Once the base coat is thoroughly dry, you will need to apply the glaze to a part of the wall. While the glaze is still wet, either comb or drag the glaze to add an interesting effect. Apply another section of glaze and comb or drag it. Repeat these steps until you finish this decorative technique. If you are having trouble applying the glaze and combing or dragging it before it dries, ask a friend to add the texture to the glaze while you apply it to the walls.

Finally, remember that if you don't like either of these faux wall finishes, you can create other unique effects for your walls such as sponging or marbling.