Decorate Your Room With Horse Murals

There are a couple of different ways to get a great mural on one of the walls in your room. Essentially, it depends on what you’re looking for in a mural. Some people choose to pay a local artist to come in and paint the wall for them. However, this is probably the most expensive and time intensive possibility – although you won’t be the person spending the time.

Another common way is just to purchase already-made wall murals that can be put up as wallpaper. There are wall murals of almost anything, including horses. However, these murals can be expensive, and there is not a lot of room for you to alter the murals at all for a touch of individuality.

Mural Kits

One thing that you can do, however, if you’re looking to get a horse mural in one of your rooms is to look for a horse mural to paint. There are several mural kits out there that you can choose from. With these murals, you will be taking different pictures that have been put together and choosing where you want them to go. These kits are similar to stencils, though they are a bit more intensive, and there is more that you can do with them.

If you end up getting one of these paint-by-yourself murals, then you’ll be able to change things as you like. For instance, you can switch out colors if you want, or you can change portions of the picture itself. If you don’t want to change the mural from the one that you purchased, then you can also just follow the instructions in the kit and end up with a great wall mural that you have painted by yourself.

Mural Painting Steps

Most of the wall murals are pretty easy to put together. All that you need to do is to put take out the parts of the mural, and figure out how you want them to go. Usually there will be an example picture that you can go by, but you shouldn’t feel constrained to put all of the mural pieces in the same place if there is more than one horse or animal in the kit.

The next step is just to tape up the design on the wall (some mural kits also work well if you use some sort of a projector setup). Then, you should trace the design onto the wall with something that is dark enough to see – but light enough so that it won’t show up after you paint.

Next, just start painting! The kit will probably come with some paint colors, but if you want to change them, you should definitely feel free to do that. After all, if you’re going to be painting the mural, you might as well have fun with it!

Finally, if you don’t want to spend any money on a mural kit, you can always paint your own horse mural on the wall. However, if you have never painted a mural before, it’s recommended that you purchase a mural kit and use that for your base picture at the very least. That way, you can get a great wall mural without spending too much money on it.