Paint Ladybug Designs With Stencils Or Sponges

Are you looking for a way to add a lady bug décor to your room? Luckily you can with just a few hours and a can of paint. This is a great way to either make the walls match the rest of your furnishings, or to add a less expensive decoration to your room.

To Get Started

The first thing that you'll need to do before you start on this project is to make sure that the room is prepared for painting. If you are not going to change the color of the walls, then you'll need to make sure that they are clean and dry before you start. You can do this by washing the walls with a soft rag and a mild soap. You will probably only need to wipe off the walls in areas that are out of reach, however, you should wash any walls that might be touched on a semi-regular basis.

If you are not satisfied with the color of your walls then go ahead and change it! Just make sure that the color you choose will contrast with the colors you choose for your ladybug design. It is recommended that you pick a lighter base unless the room has a lot of light coming in from the outside as this will make the room appear to be lighter and more spacious than it would otherwise. However, just make sure that you choose a light color for the stencils if you're going to have a dark background.

Choosing A Technique

As far as wall painting lady bugs, you just need to decide on the right technique for you. If you would like an original lady bug design, then I would recommend sponge painting. Due to the nature of painting with sponges, you won't get the same design twice – and since you'll be cutting the sponge yourself, you don't have to worry about somebody else having the same design!

It is recommended that you cut two sponges for a ladybug design. First, you should cut one in the shape of the ladybug body. This one will be a large red shell. You can leave holes cut out of the sponge for the spots but that is not necessary. If you don't cut out the holes, however, you'll have to wait until all of the red shells are dry before you move on. (To make your painting clearer, it is recommended that you wait until the shells are dry, anyway.) Then, you should make a second sponge for the ladybug head and spots.

Just apply painted-on sponges to the wall where you want ladybug designs and you'll have a room you like in minutes!

The other option for ladybug designs is to make or purchase a stencil. Making your own stencil will be roughly as difficult as making the sponge design. However, many arts and craft stores will sell stencils, and you should be able to find one of a ladybug as well.

The most popular colors will be red and black, however, you can use any colors you'd like to match the furnishings and design of your room. Have fun with this project!