Nursery Stenciling Themes

Planning the décor of the baby's room is a blast. You can probably come up with a million and one adorable ideas. The big problem is choosing just one idea.

One really fabulous technique for decorating the baby's room is stenciling. With stencils you get a look that's unique. No two people will use the stencils in the same exact way. On the other hand, you get a really professional-looking result.

There are a wide variety of stencils available in crafts and paint stores. Think of a decorating theme and choose stencils that play up the theme. You're bound to find something to suit every nursery decorating scheme. If you don't find what you like in local shops, surf online for the stencil of your dreams.

Practice First

If you've never tried your hand at stenciling, it's wise to make a few practice tries before you tackle the room. You can practice on poster board or on the inside of a closet or a garage where your fledgling efforts will remain out of sight. Soon you'll find you've developed a knack for working with the materials and will feel more confident about tackling the actual nursery.

Here are some themes you might like to choose for stenciling a baby's room:

*Flower Garden-Very suitable for a little girl's room. You can go hog-wild using several different flower stencils or use stencils that depict a single variety of flower in various stages of bloom. If your daughter's name is Lily or Rose, you may want to do an all-lily garden, or an all-rose garden.

*Cars, Trucks, or Trains-Little boys are enamored of all moving vehicles from a very young age. You could draw a railroad train on tracks with its cars going all around the walls. Or go for cars or trucks instead. Can you picture your little boy pointing at the wall and saying, "Vroom, vroom?"

Beloved Theme

*Circus-Fill the walls with circus animals and clowns. Children of both sexes will love this theme.

*Noah's Ark-Stencil a large ark on one wall with pairs of animals climbing into the ark on a plank. As your baby grows you can point to the animals and ask him or her to name them. This is an educational theme that's sure to please.

*Stars and Planets-Stencil these on the ceiling for a sky-like aura (a bit tricky), or stencil them as a border at the top of the wall, just below the ceiling.

*Cow Jumping Over the Moon-This well-loved image from the old Mother Goose rhyme called Hey Diddle, Diddle, is always well-received by small-fry.