Paint-by-Number Wall Murals

Wall murals are all the rage in modern wall décor. Whether you are decorating a nursery, kids' room, play room, bedroom, school room, or dorm room, wall murals are an easy way to create stunning wall art for people who don't have artistic talents, and without the need to hire a professional painter or to buy expensive classic artwork.

History of Paint by Number

A growing modern trend in interior décor is the use of "paint by number" to create wall murals. Paint by number was considered a major art form when it first took the painting industry by storm in the 1950s, setting off an artistic frenzy which boasted that "Now Everyone Can Be an Artist," and became America's number one leisure activity. Paint-by-number kits come complete with canvas, paint brushes, and numbered paint colors correlating with numbered areas of the picture to be painted in the same color. The paint-by-number phenomenon has now re-emerged - in the form of modern paint-by-number wall murals.

Benefits of Paint-by-Number Wall Murals

When it comes to creative ways to paint or decorate your walls, there are many good reasons to invest in paint-by-number wall murals. Here are some of the many benefits of this one-of-a-kind art project:

•- Quick and affordable way to decorate any room

•- Do-it-yourself project creating custom artwork

•- Less expensive than classic wallpaper

•- Can cover an entire wall, a portion of a wall, or serve as a door hugger or bed framer

•- Can be a room's focal point or provide a decorative accent to existing décor

•- When you have outgrown the mural, simply paint or wallpaper over it

•- Available in a wide array of designs, patterns, and pictures, including copies of Van Gough, Rembrandt, and other classics, nature scenes, still-life objects, and children's themes (i.e., jungle, beach, pirates, princesses, cartoon characters, and more)

•- Project children can participate in

 How to Create Wall Murals Using Paint by Number

There are a few methods by which to create paint-by-number wall murals. Here are some basic guidelines on each of these techniques:

•1) Use an Overhead Projector: Using an overhead projector to project the paint-by-number design onto a wall allows you to trace the image in its original dimensions or to adjust/enlarge the picture. You can also move the picture around on a wall until you find the perfect location for your masterpiece. Since you are transferring or tracing the projected image, you don't have to draw anything free-hand, allowing even the non-artistic to achieve picture perfection. You can use any type of paint however the experts recommend a semi-gloss for easy cleanup. Finally, be sure to trace the numbers very lightly so that they don't show through when you paint over them.

•2) Buy a Paint-by-Number Wall Mural Kit: A store-bought paint-by-number wall mural kit includes a list of the paint colors recommended, panels of paper with the mural's design, and carbon paper for tracing the picture. Here is how to proceed:

•a) Measure the mural against the wall first to determine exactly where you want it to hang

•b) Tape the carbon paper to the back of the panels

•c) Trace over the lines of the printed panels with a ballpoint pen, transferring the image to your wall through the carbon paper

•d) Paint (using a art brush or sponge brush), matching appropriate paint colors to the correlated numbered areas on the mural

The experts recommend tracing the numbers lightly or not tracing them at all, lest they be difficult to paint over, using a semi-gloss or satin paint, and finishing with a coat of "Clear Coat for Indoor Use" to protect the mural from dirt and fingerprints.

Paint-by-Number Wall Mural Tips

•- Instead of working in a frenzy, turn the painting job into a weekend group project and invite your kids or friends to participate and help out

•- When it comes to paint colors, be creative! You can adhere to the recommended colors or change/adjust colors, tones, and shades to match the existing decor