Understanding The Different Types of Paints

There's a lot of decisions to be made before undertaking any home painting project. You've go to decide on a color scheme, choose the right brushes, pads or rollers. Last but not least is the choice of the type of paint you're going to use. You do know there are several different types of paint and paint finishes? So what type of paint should you buy?

What Kind Of Paint To Use?

First, you’ll want to consider where the paint itself will be used. This can make a big difference in the type of paint you buy. There are interior and exterior paints for starters. Most people today will shop for acrylic latex based paints for interior paint jobs simple because they are more durable, easier to clean and less smelly than oil based paints. In fact, unless you are repainting an exterior wall that already has been painted with oil based paint, latex paint should meet your needs for the vast majority of outdoor projects too.

Gloss Paint

Gloss paint is very shiny and smooth and is a popular choice for many decorators. It is ideal for painting moldings and other similar features. Baseboard trim needs the extra toughness of gloss paint to allow it to stand up to constant wear that comes from furniture and people bumping against it. Gloss paint is also a good choice for step risers. A kitchen or bathroom needs paint that is both mildew resistant and easy to clean. For this reason, many people look for semi-gloss enamel paints for these rooms. Make sure that you look for phrases like “mildew resistant” or "resists moisture” before you make your final choice. There's little point in painting a room in a fantastic color scheme only to have it crack and peel in a few weeks because of moisture damage. Semi-gloss latex paint that is billed as nontoxic or low odor is also a good choice for your child’s bedroom and the family room. These spaces really can get pretty dirty fast with all those little hands touching the walls, so it is good to use paint that wipes down easily and is safe for those little hands that insist on leaving their mark there.

Satin Paint

Satin paint works well for areas that still get heavy use, but don’t get quite as grimy and damp as the bathroom. Adult bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and dining rooms all do well with satin walls. Satin paint can also be wiped down to clean off most types of dirt so is useful in a busy family home.

Matt Paint

Matt paint may not clean well, but it has other characteristics that make it the perfect choice for some areas. It is the least expensive paint type, which makes it a popular choice for large areas. Also, other types of paint show up every blemish in your walls and ceiling. However, since flat paint doesn’t catch the light in the same way, it helps hide flaws. This paint is a very common choice for ceilings and utility areas, such as garages and pantries.