Using Patterned Rollers To Create A Unique Look

Wallpaper does look great in just about any home. The major problem most people have is that it's a messy job with huge strips of paper and paste getting everywhere. The other major niggle is that once wallpaper is up it's even tougher to take back down - you usually wind up having to steam it loose and the scrape it free. What most of you are searching for is a compromise between a solid block of color and the headaches of wallpaper. Pattern paint rollers may be just what the painting doctor ordered!

You won't have to look very far or hard to find a wide range of pattern rollers. They have patterns ranging from simple geometric designs to elaborate ivy vines. Some of them are better suited to creating borders in a room, while others are perfect for painting entire rooms. People also use these rollers to make interesting designs on large pieces of furniture, such as armoires or bed headboards so don't limit yourself to just thinking in terms of painting your walls.

The Rollerwall Design Painting And Decorating System

The Rollerwall Design Painting and Decorating System allows you to create the look of wallpaper patterns with your desired paint color and the patterned roller. If the pattern doesn’t look right, you can wipe it off before the paint dries. When you decide you are tired of that pattern, you can just paint over the walls with a fresh coat of paint and create a whole new effect with a different patterned roller and paint color.

Any one of you who's used stencils or normal pattern rollers before will probably think there has to be a catch right? Surely there has to be some mess or those globs of paint that make the whole pattern blurry in the end? However, the Rollerwall products are designed to keep the paint from getting too thick or thin so you'll get a consistent finish. A traditional roller cover is rolled in the paint. Then the patterned roller is snapped in front of the paint filled roller. As you roll the wall, the paint filled roller applies paint to the patterned roller in an even, blotch free layer, which is transferred to the wall’s surface.

Match Up The Edges Of The Pattern

Another thing that might be bothering you is how hard it might be to match up the edge of each pattern on the wall. It's far easier than you think - especially if you remember that wallpaper is difficult to even get up on the wall in the first place. The Rollerwall roller is designed so that you can match the new strip of paint with the previous one by using a special guide on the roller. All you need to do is make sure that your first pass with the roller goes straight up and down so that the next strip can line up easily.

So the next time you go shopping for wallpaper maybe you should consider patterned rollers instead?