Tatouage Mural Ideas - Choosing The Right Mural For Your Home

Now you can have a mural design in your room, even if you don’t have the money to pay somebody to paint it for you – and even if you don’t think that you can do the painting on your own! This new option is to get a tatouage mural design. The way that tatouage murals work is that you purchase the kit, and then just use a simple-to-master dry rub method to transfer the picture from your kit to the wall itself.

Choosing A Tatouage Mural

There are tatouage murals for any living space. If you’re not sure what type of mural you would like to put on the wall, browsing a tatouage catalog will definitely help you make a decision. Just go to the right section and look through for something that will work for you. This could also be a fun family activity if you’re looking for a design that you can put in a main living room. You can also have your children pick out their very own murals for their rooms, as well.

Some tatouage mural ideas include: choosing a relaxing location and picking murals that fit that location, like a beach or forest. You can also find some murals that will make your room look like you are living underwater, or in a fantasy forest! Just start looking now, and you should have no trouble finding a fun design that will fit in the space you want to fill on your walls.

Bedrooms should be the most relaxing room of your house. Therefore, you should look for mellow themes and mellow colors in your murals. Images of the beach, vacations, or calming forests are a good idea. There are some tatouage murals out there for almost any theme that you could want to add. Just think! You could even make it look as though there are palm trees growing in your room!

Applying A Wall Mural

After you pick your mural, putting it up on the wall is really easy to do. Just like any other type of wall design, you need to make sure that the wall you’re going to put the mural on is clean and smooth. This way, the mural will be applied evenly, and it will stay where you put it.

You should also think about painting the wall with a new color that matches your mural. For instance, for a beach mural, you should think about a warmer off-white color. If you are going to be putting up an underwater mural, then light blue is a good idea.

To apply the tatouage mural, you just need to remove the backing from the mural design itself. Then, put the mural on the wall. The colored part of the design should be against the wall – after all, you are just doing a transfer, you are not actually attaching the mural paper to the wall.

Your mural kit should come with an applicator, so you need to rub that against the back side of the paper. After the mural is stuck to the wall, just carefully peel the paper off of the wall and you’re done! You should have a tatouage mural on your wall to enjoy for years to come.