Transfer Images from Paper to Wall

Not everyone is skilled enough to create a beautiful mural directly on the wall. The good news is that it's possible to create your work of art on canvas or the material of your choice and transfer the image to a mural using transfer paper.

Make the Transfer Paper

You have the option to buy expensive transfer paper at most art stores and some hardware stores. But it's just as easy to make your own and it costs less too. Purchase quality tracing paper at a craft store or office supply store. Choose the quality product that won't tear easily once you mark it with a pencil. You may need several sizes. If you're planning on working on large mural you'll likely need bigger sheets or you'll have to draw each mural section in pieces and put it together on the wall. Also buy several soft lead pencils (6B, 5B or 4B work well) and a pencil sharpener.

Choose the paper size you need and rub one side of the paper with a soft lead pencil until the side is dark with the pencil lead. Put aside. This is your transfer paper. Make as many pieces of transfer paper as necessary and place a new piece of tracing paper between them for storage. Do not put weight on your newly created transfer paper because it will smudge the lead or transfer it to the filler tracing paper.

Create Your Artwork

If you're trying to transfer already created art from canvas or other material, you'll need to use medium lead pencils and tracing paper to trace the image on the tracing paper. The ideal situation is to not have created your artwork yet so that you can draw it from scratch.

You can draw your art on regular paper, but tracing can make it easier to work on your image until you're satisfied with its final look. Draw the image on one piece of paper and trace over it on a new piece if you'd like to change or add something to it. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Transfer the Image

Once you're happy with the final piece of artwork, place your work on the wall in the position where you would like to transfer it. Secure the top of it to the wall with tape. Slip a piece of transfer paper between the art and the wall with the lead side facing down. Tape the transfer paper to the wall and tape the bottom of the artwork to the wall as well.

With a medium-lead pencil, firmly trace over the drawing. Be careful not to forget any lines because it'll be difficult to trace them once the artwork and transfer paper has been removed. When you're finished, loosen the tape and remove the illustration and transfer paper. You should now have a light pencil impression on the wall. Paint over the transfer lines and erase any visible ones when you're finished and the paint has dried.