Using Stencils To Create Wall Murals

If you've always wanted a wall mural, but aren't artistic, consider making a wall mural using stencils. Stenciling is a simple craft that is ideal for a family project. Even young children can help paint a decorative mural.

Designing A Wall Mural

First, you will need to design your mural. You can draw inspiration from books, your garden, or the architecture and style of your home. If you are creating a mural for children, you may want to use jungle stencils to create a bold statement on the bedroom wall. However, for the sunroom, you may want to design a garden in light colors. Additionally, you may want to design a stencil border around the ceiling to tie your mural to the room.

Buying Supplies

With your design completed, you can move on to buying supplies. You will need stencils, stencil brushes and paints. If you do not want to buy stencil paints, you can use acrylic paints, but use caution when you near the edges of the stencil patterns, since acrylic paint can run under the edges. wall murals.

Beginning The Mural

Next, tape your stencils to the wall to be sure they do not slip while you are stenciling your mural. Fill in the stencil pattern, being careful not to allow the paint to ooze under the edges. When you remove the pattern piece, lift it straight away from the wall to avoid smearing. Wipe the back of the pattern clean before reusing it so you don't end up with paint in an area that should not have been painted. After you are done using your stencils, add some fun details to your wall mural with rubber stamps or stickers.

Final Touches

Once your mural is complete, enhance the impact of your art by echoing some of the design in your decor. You may want to add stuffed monkeys and parrots to a children's room with a jungle themed mural. Tie a garden themed mural into the room's décor with a lattice shelf and framed flower prints. You may even want to stencil part of the mural onto a lampshade or other items to pull the mural into the room. Finally, be sure to read some of our other articles to find out more about stenciling and other faux wall treatments.