Wall Stencils Can Make Your Home Come Alive

Do you want your kitchen walls to stand out? If so, consider using wall stencils to add some art to the room. Using stencils to dress up the walls is an easy faux art form that you can complete yourself in just a short time. Follow these simple tips to create a kitchen that is full of personality.

Deciding On A Kitchen Wall Stencil

First, take a look around your kitchen to decide what design you would like to stencil. Do you have collectibles with a fruit motif? You may want to start by shopping for fruit stencils. However, if your room is full of chicken collectibles, you may want to stencil a rooster border on your walls, instead.

If you don't know where to find stencil patterns, try shopping for them online using a secure ordering system. Online shopping offers a better selection at a cheaper price than the selection you can find in traditional stores.

Once you have decided what form your art will take, you will need to buy stencil brushes and paint. You maywall stencils also want masking or painter's tape to make your job easier. Also, this is one project where you can let your kids lend a hand, so be sure to enlist some help.

Ready To Stencil

Now, tape your stencil securely to the wall. Don't plan to just hold the stencil in place with one hand, as a slipped stencil can ruin your project. Once your stencil is taped down, you can begin painting the stencil. This is done with brisk up and down motions called pouncing. Don't allow paint to go under the edges of the stencils. If you have to fill in a large area, this is where you can have children help without fearing they will ruin the project.

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