Decisions, Decisions

Now that you have decided to change your physical world, you get to decide what you want it to look like. Recreating your space is always a fun and exciting thing to do, and with some thought and patience, you can find exactly the right paint color or colors you want to make your space perfectly "yours."

A Few Tips Along The Way

As with most things, there are guidelines that help your decision making go easier. They can help you stay on track, eliminate needless trips back and forth to the paint store, and ensure you find exactly what you want. One of the guidelines is basic color choices- not necessarily the specific color you will end up with, but deciding whether you want the room to feel warm or cool, or what shade of white will look and feel best in your room.

Write It Down!

Today most paint stores make it easier than ever to try different colors before you decide on the one you really want. Paint chips that are larger than a postage stamp are available and some stores offer tiny cans of paint for you to take home and try. When you pick up paint chips, be sure to write the name of the store and the salesperson's name on the back. While we all know you have an impeccable memory, we also know how frustrating it can be when you can't remember where you found that incredible color you really want to paint your room.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Ask the people at the paint store about coverage, durability, VOCs, and primers. They can tell you which paints will come off the wall when you wash it, and which look like silk when they dry. Take advantage of their knowledge and ask plenty of questions. If they have extra large samples, take as many as you can in the colors you are after. Put the samples up in various places in the space you are going to paint. If you have a unique color in mind, the people in the paint store can do some color mixing for you.

Some Considerations When Choosing Paint

When you are choosing an interior paint, remember that the color changes with the lighting. You will want to put the paint samples in various lights to see how it looks. Incandescent lighting may give the color a warm glow while fluorescent lighting can cool it down. You will also want to see what it looks like against the various fabrics in your room. If possible, take a fabric swatch with you to the paint store to help with color choices. If you are re-doing your bedroom, one of the curtains or a pillow sham can be useful in your decision making process.

When you are ready to purchase your paint, take the proper measurements of the space you want to cover to be sure to buy enough paint to do the entire job with some left over for retouches. There are sites on the internet that will help you calculate the amount of paint necessary to cover any specific area. Behr is a great place to go for this type of calculation.