Sherwin-Williams Exterior Paints

Building and painting contractors choose Sherwin-Williams Duration as the best paint for your exterior over any other house paint. Even when consulted about other specific brands, the experts tend to offer up Duration as a better alternative. It's true the paint is pricier, but just open any DYI periodical or web page on the subject and you'll see that Duration is worth the extra money because it's, well, more durable than any other paint on the market.

High Praise

Duration house paint comes with a guarantee that the paint job will never need to be replaced during your home ownership. Homeowners in Chicago have sworn on internet forums that the paint holds up well even in Chicago's inclement winters. That's high praise indeed.

Among its many qualities, the pros state that Duration goes on and adheres better than the other exterior paints. It does a fantastic job of hiding old paint jobs and primer. But while there's a consensus that Sherwin-Williams Duration is top-quality paint, its consistency is thicker than other paints and it takes a bit of practice to learn the right method for application. Still, loyal followers swear by the Sherwin-Williams company representatives for helpful advice on painting projects. If price is no object, go with Duration for your exterior.

Thicker Coat

If Duration is just out of your financial ballpark, shoot for Benjamin Moore's top of the line paints or even Sherwin-Williams Superpaint as a second choice to Duration. Duration is said to provide a thicker coat than the SuperPaint. Even so, SuperPaint has its fans and is a good, long-lasting paint. Both Duration and SuperPaint come in gloss, satin, and flat finishes. The Benjamin Moore paints: MoorLife, MoorGard, and MoorGlo have their own fans among the professionals. The only difference between the various Benjamin Moore exterior paints is in their available types of luster. These paints sell for about the same price as the Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint.

SuperPaint was Sherwin-Williams top-quality paint until Duration was introduced. Some professionals prefer SuperPaint over Duration because its thinner texture makes it easier to apply. However, you'll need two coats as opposed to just one with Duration. Price-wise, the SuperPaint is $8 cheaper than Duration (per gallon). SuperPaint comes with a guarantee for 25 years, while Duration is guaranteed for the duration of your home ownership.

Better Bargain

Looking for a better bargain? Try Valspar Ultra Premium as the best all around budget paint for your home exterior.