Garage Painting Tips

Why Paint Your Garage?

If you are looking to increase the value of your home, try your hand at painting a life-sized wall mural, dabble in painting techniques and design, or simply for a fun yet productive way to pass the weekend, consider painting your garage! Exterior home décor is often overshadowed by the realm of interior home design, yet there are myriads of ways for your home to make a fashion statement even before the guests walk through the front door. Painting your garage is an inexpensive do-it-yourself project which can save you thousands of dollars on expensive upgrades. As the adage goes: When it comes to home value, a little painting goes a long way!

Garage Makeover

Whether your garage is the place you throw all your old junk, where you park your car, your professional home office, a storage area, or a space which serves a mixture of no-name functions, the garage door is one of the first things people see when they approach your home. In fact, although the garage door is more visible from a distance than your front door, front doors have traditionally stolen the limelight in home décor and while garage doors have taken a back seat, fading into fashion oblivion.

Well, garage décor is making a comeback! With garages comprising up to 30% of the front view of most homes, today's homeowners are increasingly garage conscious, paying top dollars to increase their properties' curb appeal and invest in garage doors which tell a story, reflect their personality, or compliment their home's exterior décor. Painting garage doors and floors are two affordable ways to give your garage a modern-day makeover.

Garage Painting Style

There are many ways to paint a garage. Before you decide on which paint method suits you best, consider whether you are looking for a weekend do-it-yourself painting project, painting fun with the kids, if you want to hire professional painter, how long your have to complete the painting job, and whether you want to go with solid colors or use a stencil, spray paint, or free-hand to create a unique garage mural which will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Garage Painting Preparation

Before you can paint a garage door, follow these painting preparation steps:

•- Wash and scrub the garage door clean using water and house cleaning products

•- Scrape off old paint chips with a wire brush and sand surfaces smooth

•- Prime surfaces to be painted in order to create a firm, even, waterproof surface for the paint to adhere, and in order to prevent peeling (make sure the primer is suitable for your garage door material)

•- If your garage door has windows, apply a protective covering

•- Allow primed/cleaned surfaces to dry completely before applying your first coat of paint

Painting a Garage Door

Here are some ways to paint a garage door or wall:

•1) Acrylic Paints: In the past, only oil-based paints were used outdoors, however today you can find many acrylic paints in a wide variety of colors for exterior painting. Most top-end brands are weatherproof and don't require a sealer, and acrylic paints are durable, can be applied to almost any surface, are easy to clean up, and are quick to dry.

•2) Color: Garage door colors can make a major fashion statement in their own right. Your garage door is among the first things passersby see of your property, and first impressions are often lasting impressions... So think about the type of impression you would like your home exterior to make.

•3) Stenciling: If you are not a born artist, stenciling can help you turn your garage door or wall into a masterpiece! Whether you buy a pre-made garage stencil or let your creative juices flow and make your own, garage stenciling is an affordable and easy way to display your imagination, individuality, and artistic talents to the world at large.

Ideas for Painting a Garage Floor

If you want to add definition to your home and create curb appeal with your upgraded garage, put some fashion under your feet (and under your car wheels) and paint your garage floor, selecting weatherproof paints which bind to concrete. Consider the following ideas for painting a garage floor:

•- Solid color

•- Solid color with Metallic Specks (glitter)

•- High-sheen gloss finish

•- Stencil design

•- Stripes (for example, red-white-and-blue)

•- Checkerboard pattern reminiscent of the Indy-500 (perfect for sports car owners!)