Creating Brick Stucco Faux Finishes

Brick and stucco faux finishes - add style to any garden. If you're looking to design a garden, then you should think about using brick and stucco faux finishes. These finishes are generally easier to get and use than real bricks and are definitely easier and cheaper than real stucco. If you are looking to make your own furniture, as well, faux brick is quite often easier to work with - and it will definitely be easier to move around if you are not sure where you want to place it in the garden yet.

Creating Faux Finish

The best way to make faux brick is to start with a wooden bench. The wooden bench should be shaped so that it could be made out of bricks. It should be as thick as one or two brick-widths, but not thinner than that. While bricks are often broken in half in order to fit in the structure they are being used to make, bricks are never split in half lengthwise.

You might want to have a brick on hand to use for sizing. after you mark off the brick areas, use the sponge to apply paint. The sponge should give the paint a vaguely brick-like texture. After you have painted the bricks, you should go through with light gray paint to paint in the mortar.

Brick and stucco faux finishes basically work the same way, so if you want to make a faux stucco finish, you will need to use a sponge as well. However, in order to make your wall actually look like it is actually stucco, you'll need to use quite a bit more paint than you did on the faux bricks.

Most faux stucco finishes also use a putty knife in order to get the right look. In any case, both faux brick and stucco will look great in any garden set up.