Creating The Perfect Teen Bedroom

A bedroom is the perfect venue in which teens can express their sense of personal style and taste. That's why most teens will approach their parents at some point, asking if they can paint or otherwise redecorate their bedrooms.  If your teen has already approached you with decorating schemes and ideas, you may have found a great gap between his/her style and your own. Also, some ideas may be beyond your budget. The question is: how can you come to a compromise position so that both parent and teenager are satisfied?

Step Back

First of all, take a step back and be glad that the decorating bug has hit. Redecorating a bedroom is a valuable opportunity through which teens can learn new skills. Your teen will learn about using color and accessories and will also learn what it means to work within a budget. Having a hand in decorating the room also gives teens the much-needed chance to express their inner teen. Your teen will also learn that a bit of creativity can make a budget go that much further.

Start by making the time to sit with your teenager and brainstorm ideas. Try to remain open-minded as your teen expresses ideas that grate against your sensibilities. See this time as a chance to bond with each other as you learn more about your child's taste. 

See if you can't get your child's creative juices flowing by suggesting he/she paint or stencil existing furniture to give them new life. Talk about techniques such as stenciling and sponging. Discuss how light colors can make a room look larger. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all you need to get a really great new look. You might also suggest your child stack or arrange some of the storage pieces in a different manner or change the drawer pulls and light fixtures.

Paint Colors

Many teens will ask for black or dark purple walls. Rather than roll your eyes or become aggravated, show your child online articles about color psychology so that he/she will understand how color can affect mood. If the issue turns into a struggle, suggest he/she paint only one wall in this color, or use the color in a lighter tone.  The color could also be introduced through the painting of trim or through accessories like throw rugs, bedding and pillows.

Talk to your teen about how to incorporate his/her interests through the décor of the bedroom. Pennants, bulletin boards, collages, and hand-painted lampshades are all mediums through which your child can express himself.

If your child insists on a design you dislike, at all costs remain flexible. Your child is on the cusp of adulthood and needs a chance to explore his or her own likes and dislikes. Sometimes a parent must silence his own ideas in order to preserve the child's identity.