From The Womb Room To Their Own Room--Nursery Decorating

Decorating your child’s nursery is an exciting experience. Your little bundle of joy will finally be in your arms soon, and you want to make sure his or her new home is absolutely perfect. The biggest shock for a child is coming from the warmth and comfort of your stomach into the vastness of the world. Creating a home that is both safe and comfortable is your top priority when decorating your nursery.

Colors For A Nursery

Colors are especially important in designing a nursery. Although babies see in black and white at first, the colors will eventually become important. Having cozy, relaxing colors like peach, green, and blue in the room will help your child to rest in his or her room. Using primary colors around the room will help stimulate your child’s interest, but using them to excess may cause your child to become over-stimulated and have difficulty sleeping (a tragic affair for both you and your child!).

Patterns And Textures

Diverse patterns and textures should be used in fabric and decorations around the room. The diversity will help stimulate and interest your child. Each time they touch a fabric with a different texture they are learning something new about their world. The bumpers on the sides of the crib should be made of soft fabrics, but they may incorporate different textures. Until your child reaches 12 months, he or she should not be allowed to have a blanket, even a small one, when they sleep. If you are holding your child, a soft blanket will be comforting, but many children die each year of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and most are found covered by a blanket.


Finally, you want to be sure that the decorations in the room can grow with your child. Although fish or Winnie the Pooh may be really cute for a nursery, your child may not like the decorations when they get a little older. You should consider how the wall color and the decorations can be used in the future to give your child a space they will enjoy. Spending thousands of dollars on decorations for the nursery, especially if you are not planning on having more children, will be a waste as you will probably have to redecorate in two to three years. The best option is to use a paint color and curtains that will work for a boy or a girl, and purchase a few decorations to fit your theme.

Your baby’s nursery will be the home for a few years or perhaps his or her whole life. You want to be sure that the colors help them feel safe and secure while still stimulating their minds, while fabrics should help stimulate them as well, and you always want to create a room that can grow with your child and his or her changing needs. Enjoy your time decorating the nursery, creating a comfortable, cozy environment so that the most beautiful child in the world will have a wonderful new home.