Family Portrait Wall Art

A New Trend in Family Portraits

Family portraits have long been a wall art favorite, decorating living room and dining room walls and hallways for generations. These classic wall hangings are more than just a photograph - they are a rich family heirloom and a traditional artifact that captures the spirit of a family and their lifestyle. Recently, the art of family portraits has been making a comeback, quickly rising to the top of the fashion charts in the realm of interior decorating. With the advent of modern cameras and the ability to capture your favorite memories and outstanding moments at the click of a button or digital device, the face of family portraits is being redrawn. Although formality, elegance, and the perfect pose still comprise the essence of many family portraits, contemporary family portraits are more casual, capturing the laughter and tears of families and children in their natural surroundings, either in a pre-planned photo shoot or in spur-of-the-moment images.

Non-Professional Family Portrait

Historically, family portraits were the luxury of the rich and famous. Expert painters were hired to draw impressive impressions of high-class families and the upper echelons of society. When cameras were invented, only the best photographers in the business were considered for capturing a family's legacy on film. While some talented artists continue painting family portraits today, for the most part modern family portraits are created by the people at large. Anyone with a disposable or digital camera can capture memorable images to create a family portrait, which can be cropped or enlarged and printed to the portrait size desired.

Designing a Family Portrait

Here are some key factors to consider when creating a family portrait:

•- Decide if you want a formal picture with planned poses, angles, and lighting, or whether you want a natural look, with your portrait capturing spontaneous family behavior in natural settings. The third option is a combination of the first two approaches, setting up a photo shoot using natural props - i.e., filming a family playing with their pet, playing a board game, making a baby laugh, out at the park, eating a meal, or engaging in an activity which reflects the lifestyle and spirit of the family.

•- Many families select a theme for their family portrait, color coordinating their clothing or keeping a pattern running throughout the image. Keep in mind that too many different patterns or colors make for a 'busy' looking picture rather than a cohesive shot.

•- If your goal is to achieve a professional-looking family portrait, go straight to the source and consult with a professional photographer regarding background colors, lighting, how to tone up/down complexions, ideas for poses, etc.

•- For the fashion-conscious family, snap some shots in different sets of clothing, and don't forget a mirror, comb/brush, and some touchup makeup!

•- To include the person taking the pictures in the family portrait, use a tripod and a timer. Alternatively, ask a family friend to come over and take the portrait of your family.

•- Experiment with various locations before deciding which image will give you the perfect family portrait (take pictures indoors, outdoors, at various angles, with different lighting, with/without props, sitting/standing, etc.)

Framing Your Family Portrait

To complete your picture you'll want to search for the most complimentary picture frame in which to display and hang your family portrait. Fortunately, with literally hundreds of modern-day picture frames available in very style, size, color, shape, and design you can imagine, finding the right family portrait fame shouldn't be difficult.

Canvas Family Portrait

If you are looking for an innovative way to showcase or hang your family portrait, however, consider having your favorite family picture printed on canvas. The new digital camera technology allows you to upload your pictures to one of several canvas printing websites; simply select the canvas size of your choice and within days the printing service will deliver your family portrait. Digital editing services are also usually provided, allowing the erasure of unwanted blemishes or marks, and you order multiple copies of your picture-perfect family to share with friends and family. Finally, many digital photo shops or online services offer a-la-cart package deals that contain a number of your best family portrait picks, giving you more choices when it comes to picking your favorite.