Sponge Painting With Sunflower Heads

Sponge painting with sunflower heads is another cheap way to add some color to your home. In order to add some texture or color to the walls of your home, many people suggest sponge painting. This is a great idea, since it will add both texture and the color of paint that you want to the wall. However, you do not have to paint with sponges. In fact, many people have found that they get the results they want by using other objects for the sponge paintings.

Sponge painting with sunflower heads, for instance, is one way to get a unique paint design on your wall without too much effort. This is also a good choice if you're worried that a regular sponge shape is too regular or square. By using a sunflower head, you should get an interesting circle or flower shaped design - which is great for most rooms.

Where To Apply Sunflower Sponge Painting

Sunflowers go best in kitchens or bathrooms, though sponge painting with sunflower heads can work in almost any room of the house. The ultimate decision depends on what the rest of your interior design looks like. If you have a room that uses a lot of yellow, white, brown and green, then sunflowers will very likely go well in that room.

A white base coat of paint will look best due to the fact that sunflowers make people think of sunny days. The white paint will make whichever room you are decorating look brighter than it would otherwise.

Other Things That Work Well For Sponge Painting

Sunflowers are not the only other thing that you can use for sponge painting - your best option is to choose several things that you like and to experiment with paint on paper. For instance, maple leaves also work well.

To sponge paint with anything, just dip it lightly in the paint and dab it on your wall. Make sure that you do not get very much paint on the sponge, sunflower, or leaf, however. Too much paint and it will drip down your wall, ruining the effect. If you're worried about dripping paint, you may want to use a hair dryer to dry the paint before it has a chance to drip.