Wall Mural Ideas and Tips for the Non-artistic

The thought of taking on painting a wall mural can be daunting for those who aren't artistically gifted. The good news is that there are several ways you can make one without spending excessive amounts of time or money, and without having had any special art skills or training.

Paint by Number Murals

The non-artistic person who has dreamed of painting beautiful landscapes has been given the opportunity to easily do so thanks to paint by number paintings. Now this same applies to create nice looking murals. Paint by number murals come in your choice of images that have been already printed on transfer paper, which resembles carbon paper. Sometimes the mural comes in a kit with paints and brushes included. Other times you'll need to purchase your own brushes and paints based on the manufacturer's suggestions. To transfer the image to the wall, simply choose a location and trace the pattern with a sharp pen or pencil. Paint the image according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some specialty home furnishing stores and many craft and hobby stores carry paint by number murals.

Wall Appliqués

These types of murals are basically vinyl wall stickers that you apply to your wall. They can be easily put up and repositioned and do not leave a glue residue behind when removed. They're the easiest way to create a mural in a rented home where the landlord has limits of what tenants can do as far as decorating and renovating is concerned.

Animal or character vinyl stick-on murals and block letters have been around for decades as a way to easily decorate a child's room. In recent years vinyl murals have become more sophisticated with neutral adult colors and streamlined designs that work well in adult rooms.


It doesn't matter how simple a mural you choose to put up, it's not going to look good if you don't put at least a modest amount of time into planning its position. A small mural, for example, is not going to look good placed directly in the middle of a large, empty wall. When choosing, consider the lighting and size of the room. Take into account the room wall color and accessory colors to reduce the chance of clashing. Don't forget the daylight. Try to avoid putting a mural on a wall that gets a lot of direct sunlight. The sunlight can easily cause vinyl murals to curl or fade and sunlight often causes paint colors to fade.

Avoid picking the first design you see just because you think it'll be the easiest to do or because it's the cheapest. Always consider the overall style and mood of the room even if your mural is temporary.